The Orange Penguin Foundation


Kids and adults needs your help today

Please, chose how you will help, thank you! 

Help one person

at the time 9:00 

You can read more about kids and adults help . All money donated through this program will be spent for buying equipment or shipping to one particular person, on next  in the waiting list.

Or just donate now and money will go to the current fundraising  

Help us make a big changes!

If you would like to see changes in one community, one city or country - donate here!  Every cent donated to this program will be spent on the long term projects. You can help build the better future. Start now!      

Donate now and help us make a one more step to the better future

Help us to cover shipping and other important expenses

In some cases we need extra money to pay for shipping of donated goods or pay for fixing equipment when it's broken. You can donate and provide extra help for our clients.

You donate - we save money

Thank you!

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1 (203) 912 5788


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